2016 February 17
Minor fixes. Temporarily removed the Links section.

2014 August 11
I added an illustration. Changed the cover, deleted links to dead hentai directories, updated PHP 4 code to PHP 5, edited the promotion page.

2014 April 08
The site has been resurrected after some years off-line.

2009 Oct 10
Added twitter widget

2009 May 16
Added tickets club button to index.php
Removed links and banners to cashearners.com

2007 Dec 8
Minor changes in the layout.
Some editing in the TOS.

2007 May 8
Well... I think it's time to upload the new layout.

2007 March 21
Working on new layout.

2007 March 20
Due to annoying spam in the guestbook I have been forced to close it. I sorry about that, I like to read your comments. You still can reach me through email.

2007 February 11
Small images in monochrome rebuilt in a bigger size.
Added 6 new images.
Implemented more PHP programming in the art page. Now, the monochrome and color gallery will update automatically when I add new images.

2007 February 10
I have implemented some PHP programming in order to make more simple to update the Last Kreation section.

2006 November 15
Added Last Kreation "Work in Progress".

2006 October 22
Added Last Kreation "Bed Is Upstairs".

2006 October 20/21
New web layout.

2006 August 21
Added Lily and Jon to comix. Added Hentaihits.com banner at the cover.

2006 August 04
Added Paypal donation button.

2006 june 17
changes in the cover, a lot of directories added.

2006 june 14
changes in the home, changed visual theme. Added comix, Gallery reestructured.

2006 june 08
Little changes in the cover, added background.

2006 may 05
Little changes in the home

2005 nov 22
new url WORKING: www.kringstar.com
After a long while offline... site works again at paid hosting. Thank you for your support.

2005 sep 30
new url: www.kringstar.com
little changes in the site
Galleries have been cleared. Only remain the Color gallery, that I think is the more interesting one.

2004 jan 05
added new GALLERY: scan session 200401 (11 pictures)
removed banner to:
hentaispider.com (submission rejected)
Links section simplified

2003 dec 31
site submitted to Hentai spider, added banner.
removed banners to:
after a month they havenīt added my site, maybe his webmaster is dead.

2003 dec 13
site added to
erotic art top 100, added banner.
short url created : www.kring.tk

2003 dec 11
site submited to
h-prime.com, added banner

2003 dec 01

added my photo to the profile

2003 nov 28
fixed some broken links

2003 nov 24
Added to 2 hentai directories:

2003 nov 22
uploaded redesigned site at kring.xxxnations.com
A new age beguns.

2003 may 09
redesigning site

2001 may
start Kring creations site in orbita.starmedia.com/kring